One time inbox clean up by Mel

$2,000.00 - Coming soon

Image of One time inbox clean up by Mel

This service is offered to photographers who are drowning in emails and don't have a system set up to manage it all. You'll need to email me to schedule a consult - booking isn't available through the shop!


- Skype/screen share meetings to discuss your needs
- me personally bringing your emails down to a manageable number (down to one page is the goal!)
- setting up labels, filters, canned responses, etc. (all the tools explained in the Help Wanted Toolkit)
- your own copy of the Help Wanted Toolkit so you can keep up on organization yourself
- access to the private Facebook group

Does not include:

- email answering services

This service will likely span over a week (two max) depending on the workload and will be completely tailored to your specific situation.

The fee ranges from $2,000 for an inbox with 1,000 emails or less to $3,500 for more than 1,000 emails.

Please email me directly to set up a consult as I'm only able to offer this once every few months!